JOANNA Lumley, the actress, will defy Foreign Office advice and travel to Iran to film a documentary about Noah's ark.

Joanna Lumley has campaigned on animal welfare issues, fought for the rights of Gurkhas, and even attempted to win membership of the all-male Garrick Club. Now, however, the actress is planning her most daunting mission yet. The star of Absolutely Fabulous tells Mandrake that she is to defy Foreign Office advice and journey into Iran, in search of Noah’s ark. “I’m going to have to get my hard hat on and my bulletproof vest,” she says. “I’ve got a new documentary to make for the end of the year, where I’m going to try and find Noah’s ark. They’ve found the ruins of something that looks like a big ship in the hills.”

The Foreign Office warns that all but essential travel to Iran should be avoided, as the drums of war beat louder over its nuclear programme.

The mullahs expelled the British Ambassador last November.                 –Telegraph