KARACHI - Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) has failed to restart Bin Qasim Power Plant II, completed few months back, TheNation has learnt here.

The KESC has committed to make plant operational in July 2011 which has the capacity to produce electricity of 560 megawatt.

The delay in the resumption of power generation project is causing hours long load shedding, while the power outage situation has been worsen in the upcoming summer season, a well-placed source said.

Sources said that Sui Southren Gas Company (SSGC) has provided KESC with 130 MMCFD gas for all power plants while committed to provide further 130 MMCFD gas for Bin Qasim power plant. If SSGC not provided additional gas supply for Bin Qasim plant than KESC is authorized to utilized the available gas to the Bin Qasim power plant II. On the other hand, KESC not uses the furnace oil for power generation and totally depend upon the gas to overcome financial burden of the company which is badly effected the consumers.

Sources further informed that the project work started in May 2009 and Government had an Implementation Agreement with KESC to provide 100 to 120 MMCFD gas to Bin Qasim Power Plant II till the compilation work. KESC officials said that SSGC was responsible for delay because they were unable to provide supply line of gas.

They also said that it was essential to establish metering station till April 30 as KESC had converted two power stations of Bin Qasim plant on coal.