Counsel for Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani in the contempt of court case, Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan has said letter cannot be written to the Swiss officials till Asif Ali Zardari is President of Pakistan.

In an interview with a private TV channel on Monday after the prime minister submitted his written reply to the Supreme Court about writing letter to the Swiss officials, Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan said the president enjoys immunity world over and pointed out that countries do not like to allow their citizens to appear in the courts of other countries.

Aitzaz Ahsan said the president is a symbol of Pakistan federation, parliament and supreme commander of the armed forces. He said one could be against an individual but we should not allow our president to submit before a foreign magistrate. He said the prime minister feels that the president must not appear in foreign courts.

Replying to a question, the PM's counsel said the prime minister does not want confrontation between institutions. He said the prime minister in his reply has requested the Supreme Court to send the case to the Parliament as it had done in the case of 18th amendment about appointment of judges.

Aitzaz Ahsan expressed his utter surprise that certain TV commentators started making strong comments over the reply immediately after it was submitted to the Registrar without going through it.

He pointed out that the prime minister is an accused in the case and he has the right to express his concern. He said for a fair trial, there should not be decision without listening to the accused and remarked that justice is not only to be done but seen to be done.

He said the issue is whether a letter can be written and whether the letter should be written.