LAHORE – The cricket phobia turned into a blessing for the Sunday Bazaars visitors, as the vendors on this Sunday were selling their products below the fixed rates to dispose of their stock, because they were in hurry to reach home and enjoy Pak-India match.

The rates of the most of vegetable items show downward trend due to fresh supply in market, as garlic, ginger, tomato and onion prices were declined not only in Sunday bazaars but also in open market.

Influx of the consumers was very low due to the cricket match, who preferred to remain at home.

The vendors sold most of the veggies as well as fruits less than the prices set by the City District Govt just to timely reach their homes.

Cabbage was fixed at Rs10 to 15 per kg and cauliflower was reached Rs18 to 24 per kg but not available there and outside the bazaars sold at Rs30 per kg.

Pumpkin price was gained by Rs10 per kg and fixed at Rs55 per kg. The price of peas was declined by Rs30 per kg and fixed at Rs30 to 40 per kg from Rs 60 to 70 per kg. Capsicum was stable at Rs 50 to 60 per kg while green chili was reduced by 10 to 15 per kg and fixed at Rs 70 to 80 per kg and sold at Rs 100 per kg.

Price of onion was fixed at Rs24 per kg and local at Rs26 per kg. The rate of tomato was gained by Rs6 per kg to reach Rs30 per kg from Rs24 to 280 per kg.  Garlic China was reduced by Rs10 per kg and fixed at Rs70 per kg and garlic India was fixed at Rs60 per kg but sold at Rs100 per kg.

Ginger China was stable at Rs 50 to 60 per kg and sold at Rs 80 per kg while Spinach was fixed at Rs8 to 15 per kg and Desi was fixed at Rs15 per kg.

Brinjal was fixed at Rs50 per kg. The price of cucumber was stable at Rs25 per kg.

Kinow special quality was fixed at Rs100 per dozen, Kinow A-quality at Rs60 to 70 per dozen and sold at Rs 100 per dozen Kinow B-quality at Rs40 per dozen while vendors sold it Rs70 per dozen. The prices of different variety of apple were ranging from Rs 50 to 170 per kg from Rs 45 to 165 per kg while average price of B-category apples was Rs 70 to 170 per kg.