BAJAUR AGENCY - The political administration of the agency has completed rehabilitation of a state-run school, which was damaged by militants, in Kulala village of Bajaur Agency.

Necessary equipments and furniture have been provided to the school. Similarly a flood protection wall has also been constructed in Tani village so as to protect the villagers and their lands from floods. According to the Bajaur political administration, Government Girls Primary School (GGPS) in Kulala village was damaged during the wave of militancy in the agency. It has been rehabilitated by constructing boundary wall, classrooms and a veranda.

The school has been renovated white washed and fully electrified. It has also been provided with 60 student’s desks with benches, eight teacher’s chairs, four tables, two cupboards, water cooler, eight ceiling fans and other necessary equipments. This development would benefit some 121 students and two teachers of the concerned school. 

To protect the local population and their lands from floods, 305-meter long flood protection wall was constructed in Tani village of Mamund Tehsil. Earlier the live and properties of the local were vulnerable to seasonal floods. This wall would benefit some 3150 community members.

The development work is part of Government’s pledge to provide basic facilities to every village of the area and to improve the living standard of the people.