LAHORE - The Dubai-based Zaman Khan, popularly known as Uncle Twenty20, has resigned his job after he was refused leave to watch the high-adrenaline match in Bangladesh.

"My leave application was refused so I decided to quit and go back to the country to watch and support my team. I just cancelled the visa and returned home after my employer rejected my leave application," Uncle Twenty20 told Pakistani television channels.

The 54-year-old is a chauffeur in Dubai and has not missed a single match ever since Pakistan was forced to play in UAE due to security fears back home.

Zaman recently said in an interview that it's his dream to watch a game of cricket between Pakistan and India. "Maybe in the near future I will get a chance to watch Pakistan play India, because that is what the crowd enjoys the most and slogans come from the core of the heart," he told AFP in February this year.

Zaman didn't get holiday time to attend the World Cup semi-final between the arch-rivals last year, but now he's determined to watch the game even if it costs him his job.

Zaman Khan has fast become the face of cricket in the UAE during international matches as he waves a green and white Pakistan flag to make his country's players feel at home away from home.

On the grounds, Zaman drives the fans crazy, chanting slogans for his players. His big moustache he grows every time a match approaches make him recognisable in every stand he sits.

"It is great fun," Zaman said. "I love watching cricket and people around me love my attire, the flag, my moustache and my slogans, so I am happy to have this double enjoyment - watching cricket and getting popular."

Zaman is second most popular face of cricket after his countrymen Sufi Abdul Jalil - famous as Chacha (Uncle) Cricket.