ISLAMABAD  – While expressing its concerns over the quality and purchase system of Utility Stores Corporation (USC), the Senate Standing Committee on Industries recommended in its report to the USC to make the system transparent.

The Report of the Senate Standing Committee on Industries and Production for the period from March 2011 to February 2012 and one of the copy of the report is also available with this agency.

In its report, the committee recommended the USC to conduct a study and identify the areas where private sector have not opted for USC franchised stores and there is a need to establish Utility Stores in such areas for poor and marginalized people, and for that presence of National Bank of Pakistan(NBP)branches at all such areas is essential.

The committee recommended the opening of NBP branches at all such places where USC branches are needed to meet the necessary condition for opening Utility Stores at such places.

The committee in its report also directed to USC to improve SOPs and to start samples, checking throughout the country with bulk supply in order to ensure and maintain the quality.

The committee also recommended that USC should focus on checking of those particular stores where externally procured consumer items are supplied and laboratory test of samples be carried out under proper supervision.

 In case of adulteration payment to the concerned suppliers should be immediately stopped and penalty be imposed on such suppliers.

The committee in its report also directed that Ministry of Industries and Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan must ensure proper and full utilization of government subsidy amount by providing full approved quantities of 16 main essential consumable items to the general public in the holy month of Ramadan.