ISLAMABAD : The government is in process of implementing around 29 different wind power projects as per its plan to enhance power production. Among these projects, two projects with capacity of 106.4 MW have achieved commercial operation and are supplying electricity to  grid. Besides, three projects, having a cumulative capacity of 150 MW, have achieved financial close and are under construction. These projects are expected to achieve Commercial Operation Date (COD) during this year. According to official information issued by Ministry of Water and Power, six projects with a cumulative capacity of 330 MW are close to achieving Project Financial Closing.

The expected COD dates for these projects are 2015.

Additionally, there are 11 wind power projects with a cumulative capacity of 550 MW may also achieve COD by second quarter of 2016, provided the tariff is made available timely while 12 wind power projects with cumulative capacity of 789 MW are at different stages of implementation.