The Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court Mr Kasi should be brave enough of accepting partial responsibility for not protecting the courts located at F-8 Islamabad. It is neither just nor logical to blame Interior Minister or IG police alone as almost 100 policemen were installed at the courts. It is the duty of administrative head, the CJ, IHC to oversee that properly trained men are accepted for duty and they do their duty! Judges like ATC judge have more than a dozen guards.

It is on record that IHC was informed about poor security and maintenance of newly created ASJ courts which were hit but CJ never bothered to take up the matter or reply to complainants and informers.

After this attack some cosmetic measures and heavy presence of police was seen in F-8 but no proper security measures have been taken so far. Similarly The judge initially appointed by IHC to conduct inquiry was known to be a former lawyer of a local cleric with alleged connection with militants. Of course police too has to answer why eight or nine young attackers could so convincingly overpower 30 or more armed and trained policemen? Why no help was provided from the nearby police station?


Islamabad, March 11.