KARACHI - Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain has said the USA and the USSR used Pakistan in the name of Islam for their ulterior motives.

He appealed to the Pakistan armed forces not to obey any orders that may bring bad name for Pakistan.

Addressing the 30th foundation day of the party here at Nine Zero on Tuesday, he said Pakistan Army should not go beyond the national border in order to harm fellow Muslims, said the MQM chief while.

He said Pakistan got plunged in the wars of other countries and the war of Russia and America made us Jihadi. He said Army must decline to obey the dissension of the government for intervention in Iraq and Syria to save the image, respect and solidarity. He said Army had been sent to other countries for dollars but now it must disobey any such orders because intervention in any other country defames Pakistan. “There is no issue, if such disobedience is considered as treachery,” he said. Pakistan is not a cab rather an independent state. No democratic government could bring the reforms in prevailing corrupt system except Army, he said. “If someone wants then register a case of treason against me.”

Altaf said revolutions were not an overnight change and it takes time and blood. The sponsored and cosmetic movements climb up very fast but the decline of such movements was rather faster. Altaf citing the perception labeling the emergence of MQM with the support of General Ziaul Haq said: “I had been imprisoned three times during General Zia’s rule and the trial went though the military courts of Zia.

Altaf said the judicial system was based upon favoritism where decisions had been taken on wishes. He urged for unity and collective efforts to end conspiracy hatching for sectarian violence in Pakistan. “Complete elimination of terrorism was essential for the survival of Pakistan but here committees have yet to decide the place for negotiations,” he added.