Jamaatud Dawa Pakistan Ameer Prof Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said that external powers were striving hard to make Pakistan a secular country by pushing it away from Two Nation Theory which was the foundation stone of the country.

In Tharparkar Jamaatud Dawa's volunteers are participating in the relief activities and will spare no effort to reach out to the affected brethren.

He was addressing Jamaatud Dawa workers at Markazul Badr Shikarpuri Gate here on Tuesday.

Hafiz Saeed pointed out that Pakistan was created on the base of Two Nation Theory but attempts were being made to push it away from its foundation by promotion ethnic and racial prejudices.

He stressed that Pakistan was passing through a critical juncture as India, America and their allies had laid siege to the country and were carrying out terrorism in Balochistan, Sindh, KPK and different cities of Punjab. "On one hand the troika have been destabilizing Pakistan through different tactics and on the other, facilitating India to build dams on rivers in Occupied Kashmir to turn Pakistani land barren," he elaborated. The JuD chief declared that there was no differences among Sindhi, Balochi, Punjabi and Pakhtuns but external powers were trying hard to divide them on the basis language, ethnicity and geographic lines. "In this regards conspiracies are being hatched to separate Sindh and Balochistan from Pakistan and pit the Muslims against each other," he claimed.

He said that March 23, Pakistan Ideological conferences and seminars would be held to get prepared the masses against these conspiracies, adding that efforts were being made get the public united by making them aware of the purpose behind the creation of Pakistan to fight these conspiracies.

On the occasion, JuD leader and Tehreek-e-Hurmat-e-Rasool (SAW) Pakistan's spokesman Ali Imran Shaheen said that the government and TTP should ensure cease fire and resolve the problems through negotiations as military operation would only benefit the enemies.

He said that after suffering worst defeat in Afghanistan, America and her allies was now avenging this defeat from Pakistan, adding that and united was the need of the hour to foil their attempts.

He said that America defeat and her exist from Afghanistan has made it difficult for India to keep their control over Kashmir and soon Kashmiris will get their freedom.