ISLAMABAD- Opposition leader Khurshid Shah said today that they would demand the government during upcoming meeting of National Assembly to take opposition into confidence on government-Taliban peace talks and foreign policy .

While talking to journalists outside the parliament house, Khurshid Shah said that Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has finalized its strategy for the next meeting of National Assembly and would ask the government to clarify their stance on foreign policy especially Syria, adding they will not object if the government calls for in camera briefings while clarifying their stance.

Opposition leader said that questions have risen with the co-existence of bomb blasts amid ongoing peace talks between the government and Taliban. “Pakistan People’s Party has clear stance that peace must be prevailed in the country whether it be through dialogue or any other means.” Khurshid Shah said, “We welcome dollars but the masses must also be benefited with the aid as well." He added that Chaudhry Nisar should clarify his statement regarding F-8 district court incident.