Being a doctor I know the level of importance and nobility of services being offered by nursing community wide world. I vividly recall a question asked in a popular TV program ‘Neelam Ghar’, the question was regarding the nobility of a profession in a European country, the correct answer should have been ‘nursing’ as number one; judicial fraternity as second, followed by doctors, regarded as noble professions. Had the administrators of Punjab been aware of the role of nursing in health system the shameful incidence happening a few yards away from the office of Punjab CM would not have happened?

Sometime in 1990, present Punjab`s CM was operated upon, for a minor health condition in PIMS, Islamabad, I am sure that the caretakers who remained awaken the whole night taking care of him were nurses. As a doctor, I firmly believe that nursing community is the backbone of any health system. I condemn the sinister act of beating female nurses, who were protesting peacefully for their rights!


Khurram Agency, March 16.