In compliance with the National Judicial Policy of the Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan, the government of Sindh’s home department upgraded all the posts of officers of the prison department in Sindh province, such as superintendents of central prisons from BPS-18 to BPS-19, superintends of district prisons from BPS-17 to 18, deputy superintendents of prison from BPS-16 to 17 and assistant superintendents of prisons from BPS-14 to 16. The posts of officers of Directorate of Reclamation and Probation Sindh have not been upgraded so far. Unfortunately, we have been deprived of that right. Though our director has forwarded the summary of extra salary to the staff of reclamation and parole Sindh, it has been blocked in CM house since 07/09/13 , and we have been denied our right.

The discrimination in the award of salary to the probation and parole officers is highly unjustified keeping in view Articles 25 and 27 of the constitution. Those who have political affiliations are being rewarded with unlimited perks and promotions by the creation of laws in the Assembly but we have been left bereft of our justified and legal right. Therefore, it is our request that this matter come to a speedy conclusion.


Khairpur, March 16.