ISLAMABAD- The Netherland's ambassador Marcel de Vink has lauded Pakistan’s responsible and prudent resolve in safeguarding and taking care of its nuclear assets.

Addressing a press conference at a local hotel today, he said that Pakistan was an important participant among 53 others, in forthcoming nuclear summit -2014 being held in The Hague on March 24 and 25, as safety of Pakistan’s nuclear assets was very important for the region. He also deliberated that the conference, which would be omitting Iran and North Korea, would rather stress on the issue of nuclear security instead of nuclear weapons and other issues, with special focus on safety of nuclear weapons from falling in terrorists’ hands; since if ever occurring, would be a very dangerous situation.

“As such the conference aimed at discussing various issues related to safe guarding of nuclear assets, which had nevertheless steadily improved since the last held such conference in 2010”, he stated, disclosing that Nederland possessed sophisticated nuclear detectors. “I don’t foresee any nuclear war in the region, yet it is the collective global responsibility to ensure global peace” , he stressed.