Lahore - Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Qaisra Sheikh has said that women-run small enterprises have been unsuccessful to attain the status of medium or large enterprises due to gender specific blockade and financial impediments. She was addressing a round table discussion of senior female finance experts, who were looking at ways of enabling more women to enter the world of finance.

The event organised by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and attended by Jenny Gu, ACCA Council Member, Qaisra Sheikh, President, WCCI, Roshaneh Zafar, Managing Director, Kashf Foundation, Saeeda Sabah Rashid, Senior Financial Management Specialist, World Bank and Nida Naeem, Partner, Berkeley Accounting Services, UK.

Qaisera highlighted that women should invest in their education particularly in financial management. She added that while a great many women have entered the finance profession, they account for only 20% of the most senior posts held in finance.

At the event, ACCA Council Member, Jenny Gu said that there are proven economic benefits of female participation in the work force, which, in turn, have a direct impact on GDP and other economic indicators. Our research shows that the benefits of having women on boards include the belief that women protect business interests, and that they ensure the boards make more balanced decisions.

Meanwhile, the achievements of 250 new ACCA members from the Punjab were recognized and celebrated at a New Members Ceremony organized by ACCA Lahore.

The guests at the event, held in the Governor House, on 18th March, included Rana Mashood Ahmad Khan, Minister for Education and Sports; Rana Iqbal Khan, Speaker Punjab Assembly; Martin Turner, ACCA President and Stephen Heathcote, ACCA Executive Director Markets.