LAHORE - The Punjab Government has issued supplementary grant of Rs 1.34 billion for the police including a major chunk for Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD), The Nation has learnt.

Sources in the home department said the amount was issued for eight months (July to February 2013-14) as a supplementary grant.

The funds will be spent on purchase of new vehicles for security of the VVIPs, new machinery, installation of tracker system in the CTD’s vehicles and for the training of newly-appointed CTD staff at Elite Training Institute.

Moreover, Rs 100 million will be spent on the recommendations of the cabinet’s sub-committee established to check law and order and terrorism.

A major part of the amount will be spent on setting up of three CTD police stations in Faisalabad, Multan and Lahore initially, the sources said. More such police stations will be established in all major cities of the province provided the funds continue to flow, they informed.

As per details, Rs 81.99 crore will be spent for purchase of modern weapons for the CTD, Rs 29.60 crore for the staff training, Rs 3.75 crore for purchase of vehicles for the VVIP’s security, Rs 5.5 crore for establishment of sniper squad comprising 100 personnel at the CTD. Moreover, some amount will be spent on installing tracker system in the CTD’s vehicles.

Rs 2.15 crore have been allocated for establishment of three Counter-Terrorism Department’s police stations. As per detail, Rs 1.2 crore have been given for establishment of CTD police station in Multan, Rs 7.38 million for CTD police station in Lahore and Rs 2.04 million for CTD police station in Faisalabad.

The sources in the Punjab government said that more supplementary grant requests forwarded by the police department were under consideration and after the opinion of the Home as well as Finance departments; the final decision will be taken. However, they hinted that as the police department usually spends more funds than allocated in the budget. This year, they said, more than Rs 70 billion had been allocated for the Punjab police department and under the provincial government’s austerity policy; the government would discourage supplementary grants from provincial departments.