Madrasas (religious school) neither raise terrorists nor support terrorism. The new National Security Policy (NSP) is a tool to complete American agenda against religious educational institutions as it is the biggest educational system of the country. There are 17,000 religious education institutions which have been providing education to more than three million students.

Wafaqul Madaris Al-Arabia (WMA) Southern Punjab Nazim Nazim Zubair Ahmed Siddiqui expressed these thoughts during a press Conference here the other day.

He declared that Islam Peace conference would be organised on Thursday (tomorrow) at Multan Sports Ground from where a national movement would be kicked off.

He pointed out that seminaries taught unity, justice, equality and brotherhood, adding that an impression had been created that Madrasas raised terrorists and breed terrorism to move people away from the religious education institutions. He said that Wafaqul Madaris Al-Arabia had planned Pakistan Conferences in all 4 provinces to thwart all such conspiracies. He claimed that hurdles were being created in the registration of religious education institutions. aHe asserted that on the orders of foreign masters, an operation was being conducted against religious educational institutions, adding that the government failed to find anything from almost 99 percent of Madrasas. He said that the rulers had problem with syllabus of the seminaries as Arabic had almost been vanished from the country's educational institutions.