ISLAMABAD  - A Turkish’s Nurol Group on Tuesday shown interest in investing in two units (660MW each) of Gaddani Coal Project and in construction of new Islamabad Airport.

Namik Ural, head of Nurol Construction and Trade Co. Inc. Ankara - Turkey called on Special Assistant to Prime Minister & Chairman Board of Investment, Dr Miftah Ismail to discuss the investment prospects in Pakistan.

Namik Ural said that Nurol Group is interested in the development of infrastructure and power projects in Pakistan. He further identified that the company will apply for LOI for the two units (660MW each) of Gaddani Coal Project and also works on EPC contract for jetty and power transmission lines.

The company also showed interest in the construction of new Islamabad Airport.  By finding the interest of the company in construction sector, Dr Miftah Ismail also briefed that the company should also bid for the construction of Hyderabad-Sukhar road. He also suggested considering the coal based power plants in Punjab, which are available for investment in 6 different locations of the province.

He further said that Nurol group should immediately apply for the LOIs for Gaddani power units because the 6 units are already acquired by the UAE and Chinese companies. The government will sell these units on first come first serve basis.

Later talking to a delegation of US-Pakistan Business Council and US Chamber of Commerce, Dr Miftah Ismail said that government has initiated an extensive wind energy programme to meet the increasing energy demand and to introduce renewable energy technologies in the country.

He further said that government has an ambitious target of having at least 5 percent of the total power generation of the country that is 9700 MW through alternative/renewable energy by 2030.

Dr Miftah Ismail said that Government of Pakistan attaches great importance to its political, economic and cultural relations with USA.

Miles Young, Chairman of US-Pakistan Business Council said that the Council is poised to make investments in Pakistan in the renewable energy and IT sectors. He also shared about the meetings with public and private entities to explore areas where the US investors may like to invest.

‘The energy policy of Pakistan is also focusing on the alternate energy, including solar energy. The potential of solar, which is in the range of 7 to 7.5kwh/msq./day in most of Balochistan; 6 to 6.5 kwh/msq./day in most of Sindh, Southern Punjab and Gilgit-Baltistan and in the range of 5.5 to 6 kwh/msq./day in the rest of the country’, further stated by SAPM/Chairman BoI.

For the IT sector, the delegation was given the info about the Establishment of University TV Channel at CIIT Islamabad and Establishment of Advanced technology training unit at CIIT Islamabad.

Ms Caroly Brehm, Member, Board of Directors, US-Pakistan Council said that we have chosen Pakistan as a key destination in the region for initiatives to cement the company’s gains and company’s performance in the country has been more promising than other South Asian countries. She further said that her company wants to make Pakistan a manufacturing hub for other countries of the region.

Secretary BoI, Imran Afzal Cheema, also attended the meeting.