KASUR - Pakistan Ulma Council Chairman Tahir Ashrafi those burnt two innocent youth alive at Youhanabad should be given exemplary punishment and termed the incident the worst form of barbarism and terrorism.

He visited the house of Muhammad Naeem, one of the two victims burnt alive in the aftermath of Youhanabad terror attacks. He condemned the incident and demanded that Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif should visit the bereaved families of both Muslim and Christian community to console them. He further said that every citizen was facing terrorism and the country was in a state of war. The numerical strength of the Muslims was higher as victims of the terror activities, he added.

He also said that the actual culprits should be traced out with the help of videos and other sources and be in military courts. He said the government ought to tackle the case on the same footing as it took the Kot Radha Kishan case. He said the culprits should be given an exemplary punishment irrespective of religion as everyone is equal before law.