Many youngsters spent two days on burning coals, for a test, that lasted 5 minutes! The test was conducted by the Election Commission of Pakistan at Karachi. A month back, Sindh government had announced positions and various jobless youngsters submitted their applications. After a month’s wait they were called for the test. Just like most other government departments, Election Commission of Pakistan is also run by a completely unintelligent lot. The time for the interview was given as 9:30 am, knowing that the candidates were mostly coming from middle class families from all over Sindh and could not afford a hotel in Karachi. This I am sure eliminated many candidates.

When they entered the room, to sit for the written test, it took only 5 minutes for both the test and the interview. Our youth would like to ask the decision makers why they plan to discomfort the students, instead of planning for a time which would have enabled them to arrive and return home on the same day. Was this not possible, or do we not have any intelligent people in all these organisations?


Badin, February 25.