Jamaat-e-Islam Ameer Sarajul Haq has said that only enforcement of Islamic system could bring positive revolution in the country. He was addressing a huge Kissan convention here at Phalia. He said farmers of the country were being crushed under the pressure of oppressive rulers.

“Mughal rulers were ignorant of public problems and difficulties. Similarly, the present rulers’ children live and study in foreign countries and their assets are also in the foreign banks, so they could not realise the problems being faced by people in the country,” he said.

Referring to sadder state of affairs in the country, he said that justice was not available in courts, hospitals were without medicines and doctors were not enough to meet health requirement of the poor, there was disparity in education system, education facilities for the rich are different and for the poor different. The nation can progress when children of president and farmers study together in the same school and taught by the same teachers. He said our rulers gradually had destroyed Dera and Jirga, traditional institutions of farmers to settle their disputes and forge unity among them.  

Instead of resolving farmers’ problems, the government was creating more problems for them, he said and added that foreign beverages had taken place of Lasi and indigenous drinks.  He said he had come to rehabilitate farmers’ culture. He said farmers were backbone of national economy but their problems were being overlooked by the rulers.

If their problems were not solved, the farmers from all over the country would march on Islamabad. He said the political parties should fight poverty, power loadshedding, price hike, injustice, unemployment and shortage of irrigation water instead of fighting with each other for power. Referring to his personal life, he said he was finance minister of KPK province and was in position to make millions of rupees but he still resided in a rented house.

He asked the farmers to unite and change the status quo in the country for better future of next generations. He urged them to support his party as it had all potentials and capabilities to promote welfare of the deprived classes and raise their social and economic status. He said with support and strength of people, JI would provide adequate medical facilities, medicines in the hospital for treatment of patients, same education system across the country and resolve other issues of public importance.

Electricity to farmers would be provided free and other agricultural inputs like fertilisers, pesticides would be supplied on subsidised rates as it is in India, he said. He added that it was a matter of shame that the government had failed to protect minorities and their worship places in the country.

He said most of security personnel were deployed to provide security to VVIPs and the public was left on the mercy of criminals, murderers and terrorist. He said Pakistan was created in the name of Islam but the rulers had drifted from the right path and divided the society in ethnic and religious sects. On his arrival, leaders of Kisan Board welcomed him at Ransiki Pulli on border with Gujrat district. President Kisan Board Sadiq Khakwani, Riaz Warriach, Farooq Sahi, Mugera also addressed the convention.