Years of failure by the state to protect lives, property and basic rights of citizens has resulted in widening distrust and disconnect between rulers and ruled, giving birth to mob violence and acts of vigilance such as brutal burning of two men, suspected to be terrorists, by angry residents of Youhanabad. The writ of the law must be established and criminals must be punished, failing which chaos and anarchy threaten our survival.

Institutionalised corruption and patronisation of criminals by security agencies, in connivance with inept political godfathers, has driven ordinary citizens to desperation, making them take the law in their hand. Powerful mafia has penetrated corridors of power, depriving ordinary law abiding citizens of their hard earned life’s savings in dubious schemes. This is a country where property tycoons gift billions to ruling elite in exchange for freedom to vandalise and plunder. Successive governments, both civil and military have allowed Karachi to become a hostage to criminal mafia making it most dangerous city of Asia.


Lahore, March 16.