Islamabad - Mechanical sweeping would be extended to different areas of the federal capital and a comprehensive strategy in line with modern techniques has also been formulated for further improving cleanliness in the city.

Chairman CDA, Maroof Afzal expressed these views while inspecting mechanical sweepers and other machinery being used by sanitation directorate of the authority for its daily-based cleanliness operation.  

The chairman CDA directed the sanitation directorate to up-grade all available machinery after necessary repair, maintenance and refurbishment. He urged the other formations of the authority to follow the same model and utilize all available resources in the development and beautification of Islamabad.

He said that CDA conducts cleanliness operation in the city on daily basis for which the vehicles should be roadworthy and other machinery should be in functional condition. He directed to ensure daily collection and disposal of waste from the different areas of Islamabad so that residents could be provided with clean and health environment.

On this occasion chairman CDA was apprised that mechanical sweeping has been initially introduced in the major avenues of the federal capital, which would be further expanded to sectors G-6, G-7, G-8, G-9, G-10 and I-10 and for this purpose one mechanical sweeper would be provided in each of these sectors. Chairman CDA was informed that in addition to the mechanical sweeping of major avenues, sanitation directorate has also launched a pilot project of door-to -door mechanical collection of household waste in sector I-8 and six vehicles which include Suzuki Pickups, Shahzor pickups and mini compactors are being utilized for this purpose.

He further apprised the chairman CDA that door-to-door mechanical collection is being also started in sector F-10 and F-7 shortly and this project would be further replicated across the Islamabad. He was further apprised that this project is not only environment friendly but also helps ensure better cleanliness of the city and the workforce sparing from manual collection system would be deployed for street sweeping and in other areas of Islamabad.

Chairman CDA was further informed that in addition to mechanical sweeping of the roads and door-to-door mechanical collection of household waste, off road skip lifters, compactors and other machinery have also been included in the fleet of sanitation directorate after proper repair and maintenance.

He apprised that improvement in the collection mechanism is being carried out exploiting the existing resources.

On this occasion Member Administration and Estate, Amer Ali Ahmed said that beautification and cleanliness of the city are among the top priorities of the authority and for this purpose all possible resources would be utilized.

He said that Islamabad would be made a marvellous city and new sweeping techniques would be introduced to beautify the city up to the standards of a federal capital.