Islamabad - The college teachers Wednesday staged a strong but peaceful protest against the unfriendly measure taken in 2013 by the federal government regarding the withdrawal of 75 per cent tax waiver against salaries of the government teachers. The college teachers gathered at Islamabad Model Postgraduate College H-8 and participated in a peaceful demonstration, which was organized by the Federal Government College Teachers Association (FGCTA) under the umbrella of All Pakistan Professors and Lecturers Association (APPLA). They staged the demonstration in connection with the protests of their counterparts in all the provinces to press for their various demands.

They demanded restoration of tax reduction facility for the teacher, which was withdrawn by the government in 2013. Another demand of teachers was the merger of all previous ad hoc allowances in the basic salary.

The federal government had decided in 2013 to withdraw the waiver of 75 per cent tax. In a meeting with APPLA in 2013 the chairman federal board of revenue (FBR) had assured that the just complaint of the teachers would be considered in the budget of 2014-15.  Moreover, the former president of Federal Government College Teachers association (FGCTA) Prof Tahir Mahmood submitted a written request to the chairman FBR to which he responded positively and said that this request in earnest shall be considered in the next budget, but it did not happen the way it was promised.

The teachers complain that this measure of withdrawal of tax reduction against the salaries of the teachers has exacerbated the already poor condition of the teachers.  All the associations of college teachers from across the country have termed it a measure that is unfriendly to the government’s claimed efforts regarding the spread of education in the country.

The representatives of the college teachers demanded that the government should revise her decision and demonstrate that it recognizes the services of the college teachers. The protesting teachers demanded that the government should rather take certain measures that boost the confidence and trust of the teachers on the government. 

Professor Mehmood Ali Khokher, President FGCTA (Local Unit) appealed to the government to make uniform pay structure for the teachers all over the country. He said, “The government should ensure and implement M.Phil and Ph.D. allowance equal to that is given by the Punjab Government.”  Prof Tahir Mahmood former President FGCTA said, “It is the demand of all the teachers that all the ad hoc allowances which been given by the government to the teachers time to time should be merged in the basic pay of the teachers.”

“The federal government should also allow college teachers the facility of study-leave with full pay so that teachers are encouraged to seek higher education which will, indeed, substantively contribute to the quality teaching, and this measure if taken will be considered another trust boosting step of the federal government of the Prime minister Nawaz Sharif who has already taken many commendable initiatives for the spread of education” remarked Prof Muhammad Akram General Secretary FGCTA (local unit).

All the college teachers associations across the country have registered their protest throughout the country. President APPLA Nassrullah Yousuf Zai said, “If the just demands of the teachers are not met as per their demand, teachers from across the country will gather in Islamabad to record their protest on April 23.”