Politicians of all shades and hues like to make tall claims, they promise to change the existing system if they ever come to power, but when they do come to power all promises are forgotten. The famous Charter of Democracy (COD) signed in 2006, by heads of main political parties’ PPP and PML-N promised to form to establish a ‘truth and reconciliation’ commission to check causes of torture and politically motivated accountability. In addition, they pledged to grant freedom of expression to media, improve governance, provide quality social services to the masses, cut spending by adopting simplicity at all levels, and prevent corruption.

They also promised to make senate elections transparent and hold local body elections, within three months of general elections. Sadly, besides collaborating to save their own wealth, both PPP and PML-N have failed miserably in implementing COD and keeping their promises. The PPP failed to get past 2009 accountability bill and introduced a new one, without consultation with the opposition; they also completely and utterly failed in checking corruption and improving life. It has been almost eight years that PPP and PML-N are in power, but the local body elections are still a cry in the dark.

The current government failed to implement any pledges made in the COD, with exception of a handful of cosmetic measures. Now smelling some unrest in its own ranks they want to pass a constitutional amendment, to hold senate elections through show of hands. The promise of shunning extravagant life style and adopting simplicity is nothing but a distant dream. Their unending desire for power and protocol and the princely living style reveals that COD was and is nothing but a sham to fool this poor nation. The only point they agree on is to keep their wealth and power safe.


Islamabad, February 25.