Los Angeles

Hollywood star Kate Winslet has revealed that she will be celebrating her 40th birthday in an unusual fashion - by spending the day in a bikini.

The Oscar-winning actress, who recently became a mother for the third time, turns 40 in October. Winslet told ITV show Lorraine: ‘I’m very excited about it actually, I have to say.

‘I think the last couple of years I’ve done a lot, had the baby. Creatively it’s been just a really interesting, diverse and sort of fulfilling time for me so I kind of feel like when I get to that 40th birthday I will have earned it.’

 The Insurgent actress, who lives with her husband Ned Rocknroll in the South Downs, added: ‘ I have this strange notion that I’m going to spend the day in a bikini.

‘I don’t know why I sort of decided that but I just want to feel great and vital, and all the things I do actually feel and so I’m looking forward to it.’ Winslet wed Rocknroll following the end of previous marriages to Jim Threapleton and Sam Mendes. Their son, Bear Blaze Winslet, was born in December 2013. Winslet later revealed that he was given the middle name because she and her Virgin Galactic executive husband met on Sir Richard Branson’s private island, before a fire destroyed the tycoon’s luxury estate.

Winslet also told Lorraine that her three children, including Joe and Mia, do not spend too much time on film sets. ‘They don’t kind of run around like kids who know the ropes or anything like that, they are really not on-set type of kids in that way. I feel as though perhaps I’m just passing a little of the work ethic along to them hopefully Baby Bear will get some of the same thing,’ she said.