Members of the civil society gathered at the Charing Cross, Mall Road, Lahore today to show their support for Punjab’s Women Protection Act .

The Act aims to ensure safety and security for women against domestic abuse that is physical and/or emotional in nature. However, many view it as a vicious attack on men and their rights. The irony is that a majority of the arguments make it seem like hindering a man in his quest to emotionally and physically abuse his wife will lead to a collapse of the family structure in the country.

The protestors took to the streets to show that the Act is not a western agenda, funded by foreign NGOs or anti-Islam. However, there were times during the protest that we couldn’t help but notice how on point the crowd was.

1. When women denounced archaic thinking and called out religious parties to an all out war

2. When they asked the tough questions with a smile

3. When little girls talked more sense than religious scholars themselves

4. When the men joined in, loud and proud, to support the right to safety for women

5. When the distortion of Islam was called out!

6. When multiple organizations showed up to talk about the same issue

7. When Punjab’s regional languages were used to show some love for the Act

8. When old joined hands with the young to show some support

9. When young boys realize the importance of the Act more than grown men

10. When the crowd got bigger and better