LAHORE - The business community has demanded of the government to take strict measures to control law & order situation in the country.

The demand was raised by GCCI President Samee Ullah Ch while condemning the dreadful bomb blast on the bus in Peshawar recently, killing 15 and injuring 25 civilians in the aftermath of the attack.

He said that foreign investment inflows are not picking up owing to continuing insecurity, poor law and order conditions, inconsistent and unwise policies, massive corruption in the government departments, and unending power shortage and its rising cost. Pakistan which was considered as heaven by foreign investors is no more on foreign investor’s radar.

“The GCCI offers its sincere condolences to the families of the martyred and sympathizes with the injured persons. We denounce such acts of terrorism, seek more vigilance and demand an end to such atrocities in the country.”

Samee Ullah Ch said that the business community was extremely upset with the existing scenario. Target killings and daylight dacoities are forcing businessmen to close down their businesses. He said that at a time when the government was striving for attracting foreign investment and encouraging local businesses, the deteriorating law and order situation is putting a reverse gear to all its efforts.

GCCI President Samee Ullah Ch said that the business community plays an important role in running the affairs of the country and the govt should take special steps to protect the businessmen from any such incident.

He said that the bad law and order situation was not only badly affecting the business transactions between Karachi and Pishawar but also forcing the businessmen of the upcountry to close down their businesses.

The poor law and order has far-reaching impact on the investment climate in the country. It goes without saying that foreign direct investment (FDI), being the single source of private capital flow, has contributed immensely to investment and growth in the developing countries.