islamabad - Women police Islamabad yesterday rounded up a college maid and her in-uniform granddaughter — a student of 7th class — from the premises of Islamabad College for Girls (ICG), F-6/2, over theft allegations levelled by the mother of one of her class fellows, said police sources.

The officials of women police station, Sitara Market, reached the college early in the morning to arrest Nargis Bibi and her granddaughter, Rimsha, creating panic and harassment for the other students of the college. The police said Shehnaz Bibi approached women police with a complaint that her daughter Iqra gave Rs 190,000 and four gold rings to her class fellow Rimsha so that she (Iqra) could pass the 7th class exam with the help of latter’s grandmother, Nargis Bibi, a maid in the same college. She elaborated that Rimsha had told Iqra that her grandmother would use her contacts in the college to get her (Iqra) passed. She further stated when she came to know about her daughter’s act, she immediately approached Rimsha who said that she had handed over money and gold rings to her grandmother. The sources in the women police station confirmed the application and said that they were investigating the matter. However, they said that FIR is yet to be registered.

When asked what prompted the police to act in such haste that the 7th class student in uniform was rounded up and brought to the police station along with her grandmother, they had no reply.

However, sources in the college said that police acted on behest of a police officer Raja Ashraf, reportedly serving in Special Branch of Islamabad police whose wife is a daily-wage teacher in the same college. “Iqra is niece of the wife of Raja Ashraf,” the sources added.

The police officials told this correspondent that they have let the accused go home as both the parties have sought time for settling the matter themselves. “If the matter is not resolved, we will look into the application and take action accordingly,” the police said.

When asked, human rights activist Sarwar Bari condemned the incident saying custodians of law even in a city like Islamabad are violating the law. “Taking into custody a 7th grader who is in uniform, from the college premises during college hours and that too without any FIR is not justifiable under any circumstances. I condemn it forcefully and also urge the police high-ups to investigate the motives of the police party,” he added.

Bari said the police did not set a good example by raiding a girls’ college during working hours for getting hold of a 7th grader and that too without registering a case. He was of the view that the accused should have been summoned to the police station to probe the allegation. Bari expressed astonishment over what he observed as a quick response just on the basis of an application.

Chaudhary Sajid Hussain Advocate, who deals in criminal cases, commenting on the incident said that police should have had investigated the matter first and registered a criminal case against the accused in case they were found guilty. “Raid at college during working hours to arrest a 7th class student makes no sense. Apparently, the police action has motives and that should be investigated,” he added.