Islamabad: Federal State Minister for Education and Professional Training Baligh ur Rehman said that Pakistan business community were highly respectable as they have played pivotal role in creating jobs, improving prosperity and for economic development.

While speaking at ICCI Federal State Minister for Education Baligh said that government was responsible for providing right infrastructure to entrepreneurs hence they arranged LNG from Qatar while work on TAPI & IP projects and dams construction was in progress to overcome energy problem.

The Minister insisted that the low taxation was the major cause of insufficient allocation of budget for education, however, government was determined to increase education budget up to 3% of GDP taking it up to 4% by 2018 under its policy.

He urged the business community to take ownership of academia-industry linkages 18000 schools under National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) to contribute in promotion of education in the country

Chief Executive Trade Development Authority of Pakistan S.M. Munir, President Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry Abdul Rauf and President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry Atif Ikram Sheikh stressed that government should give high priority to education and allocate at least 5% of GDP to this sector in order to turn the youth bulge into a great dividend for the country.

The business community endorsed that initiative strong academia-industry linkages and advised government to take strong measures to strengthen collaboration, coordination and mutual support between these two important sectors of the economy.

They lauded the government’s efforts to modernize 26 schools in Islamabad and urged to modernize all existing government schools on similar lines to improve the quality of public sector education.

They said business community was already patronizing many students and it will continue to contribute to this noble cause for supporting the deserving talented students.