Strange things are going on in the Pakistani government. First an FIR is lodged in Gujranwala for a terrorist attack that has been taking place in Pathankot, India. You just go and try to lodge an FIR at a police station even when your residence is within its jurisdiction! Police will not entertain you unless you are somebody on the pretext that the place of incident does not fall in their jurisdiction. But here the incident took place in a foreign country and Sartaj Aziz called it “a logical and positive step”.

Secondly, today Adviser on Foreign Affairs to PM Sartaj Aziz comes out with the revelation that one number of the mobile phones allegedly belonging to those who attacked the Pathankot airbase had been traced to the Jaish-e-Mohammed group’s headquarters in Bahawalpur. And all this after Pakistanis and Indians both have been unable to explain how and where the alleged terrorists crossed the border. This new statement of the government is not making any sense. It seems to be a coup that tries to make fair weather with India so as to get a date for the Foreign Secretaries’ meeting out of it.

While this is on record that the Pathankot investigator – A senior police officer - had started a probe on drug paddlers’ link with people inside the base and this might have led to this incident. Then new information was provided that India had known about the imminent attack beforehand and that information had been passed on from NSA Doval to NSA Janjua on 31 December but was not attended purposefully.


Karachi, February 23.