LAHORE - The NAB is focusing on 28 people for arrest in the Punjab, including Federal Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and business tycoon Mian Mansha, Awami Muslim League President Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed yesterday claimed.

Talking to media persons in the provincial capital, he said an inquiry was also underway with regard to purchase of railway engines. He said, “It is a wise step of the government to allow Pervez Musharraf to go abroad. There is nobody in the ruling elite that has the courage to stop Musharraf from going out of the country.”

Some of the ruling party leaders had said they would resign if Musharraf was allowed to leave the country; now they should resign, he added.

“PPP is in contact with the powerful establishment quarters through Rehman Malik and is begging them for the return of Asif Zardari,” claimed the AML head.

“Leaders like Mustafa Kamal can emerge from any political party, keeping in view the dictatorial trends of the top leadership,” said Rasheed, while commenting on the rebels among the MQM. In his traditional prediction-making style, he claimed: “March and April will prove important months for major developments in the country. I have no London Plan.” Rasheed said, “I am going to India to support Pakistani cricket team and want them to win the match in that country.”