LAHORE - Though the PIA management has undertaken before the Sindh High Court to withdraw the show-cause notices served on the airline employees, it warned new notices would be issued to some selective staffers involved in disobedience during their strike, said sources in the national flag carrier yesterday.

They said panic had gripped the airline employees after the new stance of the management in the court and they were working under pressure constantly. “Issuing such warnings is also a safety hazard for passengers and planes as well,” said a PIA senior officer, seeking anonymity.

A spokesman for Joint Action Committee of PIA Employees (JACPIAE) said they had called off their strike and were very much active for the betterment of the airline. “I believe if the PIA management takes any decision against the airline, another protest call will be given,” he warned.

“We have submitted our demands to Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif to further deliver the same to the prime minister as discussed in the last meeting with him. But despite the passage of one week, there is no development in this regard,” he said. It had also been decided that JACPIAE office-bearers would meet the prime minister, said the spokesman.

It is worth mentioning here that the PIA management had issued show-cause notices to more than 260 PIA employees after they had called off their strike. At least six engineers had also been sacked.

These show-cause notices were in a cyclostyled form and all the employees had been charged with similar allegations. But the employees moved the Sindh High Court and got relief, but the court has not so far passed any written orders in this regard.

The PIA management has, however, undertaken in the court to withdraw the notices. Counsel for the PIA employees said if the management had planned to issue new show-cause notices, why it was withdrawing the previous ones.

Well-placed sources in the Ministry of Defence said there were two groups in PML-N working on PIA. One group, led by Shujaat Azeem, is in favour of Privatisation and against PIA workers. There are also people in PML-N, who want a moderate solution to the problem.

The spokesman for JACPIAE said Pakistan Airlines Pilots Association (Palpa) was playing a very poor role in this time of turmoil as, instead of backing the collective cause, its members were bargaining with the management for their personal gains.

The well-placed sources said Palpa President Amir Hashmi also met Shujaat Azeem yesterday. When contacted, Hashmi said Palpa had no link or understanding with JACPIAE.