LAHORE - Resenting the former ruler’s departure from the country, Pakistan People’s Party held demonstration outside Lahore Press Club yesterday, wherein they charged the PML-N government with facilitating Pervez Musharraf to leave the country under a ‘secret deal’ despite the fact he was accused in a high treason case.

However, the party failed to put up a convincing show as not many workers turned out under the leadership of Lahore president Samina Khalid Ghurki, Punjab secretary general Tanvir Ashraf Kaira, Lahore general secretary Rana Ashar, information secretary Faisal Mir, Jahan Ara Wattoo, Nasir Khan and others.

Carrying placards and banners inscribed with slogans against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Gen Musharraf, the protestors demanded the PM to resign. The PPP workers decried what they termed a secret deal between the two and close buddies from inside playing rivals in the public. “It is the darkest day for democracy when nation helplessly watched the worst dictator flying abroad carrying the allegations of sedition,” they maintained.

Besides the effigies of Nawaz Sharif and Gen Musharraf, the workers also set tires on fire. The demonstration created huge mess for traffic on the nearby roads including Davis Road, Empress Road, Egerton road, Abbot road.

“By allowing ‘the killer of Nawab Akbar Bugti and Benazir Bhutto’, the Nawaz-government has committed an equally grave offence,” said Samina Ghurki while addressing the protestors. She added Nawaz Sharif lost the moral grounds to stay as Prime Minister by helping the worst dictator and criminal flee the country.

She demanded that Nawaz Sharif must issue red warrants of Musharraf or quit from the Prime Minister office.

Tanveer Ashraf Kaira said Nawaz Sharif always served dictators, adding that people of Pakistan were waiting for resignations of all those ministers who claimed they would quit politics if Musharraf were allowed to leave Pakistan.

Faisal Mir said Nawaz Sharif would be remembered as the most coward and a hypocrite Prime Minister who always stabbed the democracy and served as stooge for dictators. He appealed to the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take sou moto notice of Musharraf’s escape and order Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali to contact Interpol and bring him back to Pakistan.