India’s Ravichandran Ashwin said that the players would try not to get caught up in all the excitement but acknowledged that it was no ordinary match.

This rivalry is huge, it's very hard to put a finger and tell how huge it is. It's probably bigger than the Ashes is. "As far as Indians and Pakistanis go, I don't think they watch this as a game of cricket. It's more of a border rivalry.

Pakistan coach Waqar Younis attempted to downplay the hype surrounding the game, saying it was ultimately just a game of cricket.

History can always be changed. We are a bit more confident this time. They (Indians) can go out of the tournament and that is a big plus for us. They will be under more pressure. We have won our opening game and lot of things going in our favour

Former Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara says Pakistan “looks very dangerous” and should not be written off in India match.

I think it’s going to be very tight (game) and could be a classic. Pakistan looks very dangerous to me after their win against Bangladesh. Reputation and form ... provides no protection in an event where there are so many dangerous teams

Pakistan women's cricket team captain Sana Mir said her team is adored more back home because it seldom gets a chance to play on its own turf.

We really love playing here in India but we also love playing back home. In fact, we get love at home more and love playing back home more because we don't get a chance to play at home. But we are looking forward to play against India. We had a good crowd in Chennai and we enjoyed playing in front of them

Explosive English batsman Kevin Pietersen was disappointed that Shehzad did not double his runs but believed he did well enough to prove his selection.

Love seeing the good guys do so well! Well done yesterday, @iahmadshahzad!. Top batting but leave the helicopter shots to MS & I! You could have got a 100! Not bad for someone who wasn't selected in the first place

Former superstar, Wasim Akram said that Pakistan would psychologically be in a better frame of Mind in the match against India.

Pakistan are going to the

game after a

convincing win. So psychologically they will have an edge over Indians. If Pakistan manage to get dismissals, a couple of wickets in the power play session, they will be in a position to push India to the back-foot