In a country where passions run high when it comes to cricket, honor and patriotism (not necessarily in that order) - everything sort of came together in one big melting pot in today’s match where Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team played against the Indian Team in the World Cricket T20 Cup tournament.

Female athletes in Pakistan are far down the priority list of women taken seriously. We’re a country where when women win Oscars and Nobel Prizes, we call it a grand conspiracy and a scheme of the west to defame the country and spread evil among the Muslim ummah. When assemblies pass Women’s Protection Bill, the right-wing rallies on roads against its implementation calling it against ‘family structure’. In such a country, in such a society, when Pakistani women win against the big bad enemy (India) in India, playing to their strengths, overcoming the all-too-rampant adversity of misogyny and discrimination against women, it becomes one memorable, memorable afternoon.

What was especially interesting was the response that was seen on social media under the #GirlsinGreen hashtag that was created to offer support for the Pakistani women playing in the World T20. 

Twibbons were added.

As the match progressed in the favor of team Pakistan, the puns came forth hilarious. 

To bring it in perspective, Hasan Zaidi shared a poignant anecdote.

Aliya Javed poked sly fun at Afridi’s earlier comment about women being better off cooking rather than playing cricket.

This little bit of grin by Sonya Rehman.

Cricket commentators/bloggers also were all aglow with Sana Mir’s excellent captaincy.

That feel-good tweet, that went viral.

Najam Sethi was happy as he could have been.

Mubashir Zaidi offers this great idea.

Including this idea by Natasha.

US Consulate Karachi tweets support.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy claims, rightfully so, that Pakistan’s greatest asset are its women.

Noor Kakkar aptly described Pakistani women.

And everyone poked fun at Siraj ul Haq’s tweet of support for Pakistani Women’s Cricket Team - mainly because Mr. Haq has been vociferously rallying against the Women’s Protection Act.

Food for thought.

An iconic image shared by the parody account of Javed Miandad.

More food for thought by Pakistani men for Pakistani men.

Basically everyone was just proud as puff!

It was especially heartening to see tweets of support and pride from men on Twitter for #GirlsinGreen - it was speaking of how attitudes are changing in the society when it comes to women. Slowly but surely, these young group of girls have managed to make believers out of many people who wouldn’t take women, women’s cricket or women doing anything significant seriously.

It was an important day for not just Sana Mir, who is a fantastic captain and has a wonderful team of players with her, but for women everywhere. More so for women who have had dreams to follow their dreams of becoming cricketers and athletes and have been pushed back by retrogressive norms. Sana Mir, along with her team, has been able to make history today. She and her team have turned everyone in India, in Pakistan, and all over the world - into a believer that the #GirlsinGreen are here to stay and to make us all very, very proud for many days to come.