LOS ANGELES (hs): Apple Music paid Chance the Rapper $500,000 to exclusively stream his album for two weeks.

The 23-year-old rapper - who has not signed a record deal and releases his music through streaming sites such as SoundCloud - revealed he made the deal with Apple for his latest record ‘Coloring Book’ because it was too good to turn down. He tweeted: ‘’I never felt the need to correct folks on my relationship with @apple but now that more people have tried to discredit my independence, I wanna clear things up. ‘’@apple gave me half a mil and a commercial to post Coloring Book exclusively on applemusic for 2 weeks.

That was the extent of my deal, after 2 weeks it was on SoundCloud for free. I needed the money and they’re all good people over there. I feel like if I didn’t clear it up people would keep trying to discredit all the work we did to make Coloring Book what it became. I think artist can gain a lot from the streaming wars as long as they remain in control of their own product.

‘’I just wanna remain transparent. Folks out there without a deal need to know they’re doing everything right just keep at it. If you come across opportunities to work with good people, pick up cash and keep your integrity I say Do It.’’

And Chance recently revealed that he would consider selling a follow-up to ‘Coloring Book’.