LAHORE - A unique demonstration was held Saturday at Liberty Chowk to protect the stray dogs which are found all over the town.

The demonstration was organised by Give Us Life Animal Welfare and attended by mostly belonging to the upper class society to show their rare love for the stray dogs, which otherwise are hated and tried to be eliminated.

Actress Meera also had a plan to participate in the protest but due to threats she decided to cancel.

The organisation, Give Us Life, has stood up to protect dogs’ rights following announcement by the local government who launched campaign to shoot them. The administration has been shooting and poisoning these dogs in the latest effort to curb their population but hasn’t found any solution to overcome this issue.

There is no simple solution to the complex problem of animal overpopulation and shelters remain an interim solution for the foreseeable future. Stray animals, especially dogs, are often reviled and may enter kennels with a visible history of neglect and abuse. They are some of the most vulnerable animals that exist in our communities but despite their significant numbers, they remain largely unseen and unwanted by society.

Faizan Malik, one of the organizers said it is actually a peace walk to highlight the issue of stray dogs to the government. “Killing dogs is not the solution as it does not stop the population. “They should be given proper shelter and it is the duty of every citizen to have compassion of animals.  More than 80 dogs are recently killed near Canal View and hundreds in Karachi. We request people to educate themselves about this issue and put pressure on the government to adopt a humane approach,” he said.