Islamabad - An inspection team of the Drug Regularity Authority Pakistan (DRAP) on Saturday raided a pharmaceutical company and recommended the suspension of its drug manufacturing license.

According to statement issued by the Ministry of National Health & Services (NHS), the inspection team comprising federal and provincial drug inspectors raided the premises of a pharmaceutical company in Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK).

The raid was conducted following the complaints and declaration of substandard drugs, declared by Drug Testing Laboratory, Lahore. According to statement, the panel inspected the Vetcon Pharmaceutical Bimber AJK and found poor hygienic conditions, lack of pressure gauges in the areas and other administrative negligence.

Federal drug inspector Islamabad, Chief drug inspector, AJK, official National Biological Laboratory and others jointly held the raid. The firm administration requested for voluntary stoppage of the production of veterinary medicines.

The panel recommended for suspension of drug manufacturing license for six months and directed to undertake repair & maintenance of the required areas in given meantime. The inspectors also directed the company to make changes as per Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements and also ordered to improve the quality control.

The DRAP efforts for drug quality and GMP compliance are being enforced through its Central licensing board.

The press statement further informed that in its 252 meeting of Central Licensing board was held  under the chairmanship of Director Licensing, where manufacturing licenses of four firms were suspended/ cancelled due to non-compliance reports.

Around 30 manufacturing licenses of various firms on raids and non-compliance and violations of rules under Drug Act and DRAP have been suspended/ cancelled during 2016.

Three new Drug Manufacturing Licenses were granted and 05 licenses were renewed.

However, licenses of 04 firms were cancelled on reports of non-compliance of GMP and 01 was suspended for 6 months on non-compliance of GMP.