The Afghan government officials have proposed that a third party should help, verify, and monitor work on the lists of the most wanted terrorists exchanged between Kabul and Islamabad.

The National Security Adviser Mohammad Hanif Atmar quoted by a local newspaper said the Afghan government’s key proposal among the others is that the two sides should work and cooperate.

Atmar further added that a third party must help in verifying and monitoring the work to be done on the lists of the terrorists.

According to Atmar, progress has been made in this regard so that the work should be done in the framework of the mechanism of cooperation between the two countries.

This comes as the Pakistani military summoned a number of the Afghan embassy officials last month and handed over a list of at least 76 terrorists which they claim are having sanctuaries in Afghanistan.

The Afghan government also handed over a list of at least 85 terrorists and several of their hideouts in Pakistan in response to Pakistan’s demands.

The Afghan officials are claiming that the key leaders of the Taliban and the notorious Haqqani terrorist network are based in Peshawar and Quetta cities of Pakistan from where they plan and coordinate attacks in Afghanistan.