KARACHI - Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar said on Saturday that Karachi was now a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol which deals with controlling the air pollution. 

Talking to media representatives after signing a memorandum during the International Mayor’s Forum held in Lao’s capital Cantiane, he said most of the world cities were signatory to the agreement and now in Asia Japan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Pakistan had also got this protocol. 

He said he hoped that by virtue of the Protocol, the city administration would be provided guidance and help by international experts for eliminating air pollution in Karachi.  

“Under the agreement, the same policy of climate change would apply to Karachi, which applies to other cities in the world,” he added. 

Wasim said air pollution led to various physical and mental ailments due to which it became mandatory to overcome it. “The Kyoto Protocol would provide help to either fully eliminate or at least bring the rate of air pollution to some lesser levels,” he said, and added, “The industrial zones in the city would also be made environment friendly under the agreement.”  

The agreement was also signed by mayors of other cities of the world during the forum.