ISLAMABAD - Former Pakistan number one and world number 35 squash player Nasir Iqbal has sent SOS call to Pakistan Squash Federation president Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman for help to get him out of so-called doping scandal.

Talking to The Nation on Sunday Nasir said he was badly hurt both mentally and physically as he was paying hefty price of a crime he never did commit.

“It is highly agonising and painful that I am facing long unannounced ban from WSF and PSA and barred from playing even exhibition matches without any reason. Indians took my dope tests, one was positive and second was negative, which clearly indicates that I had done nothing wrong. Even then I went through different tests and get cleared from all the allegations regarding usage of banned substance and that’s why WSF and PSA conditionally allowed me to resume playing all kinds of squash but the sword of Wada is still hanging. Why I am given punishment for a crime which I never did?”

He said he was world number 35 in February 2016, after winning the 12th Asian Games Individual Gold medal for Pakistan and was almost guaranteed to break into world’s top 20 elite group of players if this highly unjustified and totally uncalled for unannounced ban was not imposed on me.

“Surprisingly, I was left on the mercy of others as nobody bothered to even check whether I need any help or not. I am highly amazed with the behaviour of Pakistan Squash Federation as they never ever bothered to take my case seriously and whenever I or my brother contacted them to seek their guidance and help, they gave us assurances about pleading my case at the highest level, but in reality, nothing was done. If the federation took up my case seriously I could have been cleared long ago and could have helped Pakistan win number of titles. My only and real hope rests with PSF President Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman as he is not only thoroughly gentleman but also takes squash very seriously. I request him to give me time as I want to meet him to inform him about real and actual facts. I am sure keeping in mind my services and how much squash still left in me, the president will give me time for meeting in Islamabad, where I will come soon after finishing National Team Squash Championship in Karachi.

Nasir said presently he was lying at 440 in PSA rankings but it was no problem and he would rise again on the squash arena. “I believe it was like nightmare in my life and I had to come over that worst and highly regrettable period and let me assure all, I will come over that. In fact, I had already started training and thinking seriously about playing top level squash.”