LAHORE - The Sri Lanka-Pakistan Trade Association sent ten corneas as a gift to Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, received by Vice Chancellor King Edward Medical University and Institute of Ophthalmology, Mayo Hospital Prof Dr Asad Aslam at Lahore Airport on Saturday.

Immediately after receiving the corneas, Prof Asad Aslam and his team operated ten blind persons in Mayo Hospital for Corneas transplantation.

Prof Asad said that it was precious gift which has enlightened the lives of ten people.

Sri Lanka is the major source of Cornea donation in the world, however, and Pakistan spends three hundred dollars on logistics for bringing corneas to the country. But this time this is a totally free gift from Sri Lanka-Pakistan Trade Association for Punjab Chief Minister.

Shehbaz launches second phase of census

Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif inaugurated the second phase of population census by providing details of his family members to the staff of population census at his residence 96-H Model Town, Lahore on Saturday.

The CM, on the occasion, said that population census is preparation for a better future. He urged the citizens to fully cooperate with the staff of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. Earlier this week, Pakistan kicked off long awaited 6th population and housing census on the direction of Supreme Court after 19 years in sixty three districts across the country including Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir. In the first phase, starting from March 14, housing survey has been conducted in 63 districts and agencies of the country, which include 16 districts in Punjab.