ISLAMABAD: The representatives of tribal civil society and other people from FATA held a peaceful protest demonstration in front of NPC against the ongoing process of the 6th national census procedure for citizens of FATA.

The protesters carried placards and banners inscribed with slogan “Count IDPs as FATA citizens”.

While expressing annoyance over the ongoing census process in the tribal areas they pointed finger on the means and methods of census in respect of the current uncertain situation of tribal areas.

They have viewed that citizens of North, South Waziristan, Kurram and Orakzai Agencies are still waiting for repatriation to their hometowns. Large numbers of the IDPs have not been back to their hometowns yet, how the government can place census then? They raised questions during chanting slogans.

However, they have demanded a separate column in the national census form for IDPs of FATA. If it is not possible, then the census process must be postponed until the 100% completion of repatriation process. “If the demands are not met, the tribesmen will have no other option but to boycott the ongoing national census” they warned.

The members belong to business fraternities, students, youth, lawyers, including human rights activists and many others participated in the protest.

While talking to the protesters the organizer, Khan Zeb Burki said that the process of repatriation of IDPs has not completed yet.

A large number of IDPs were living outside FATA because they are not sent back to their hometowns yet. He said that a huge number of FATA citizens would not be counted as FATA citizens and it will negatively affect the demography of FATA.