According to the 2016 UN report on water, three-fourths of the global workforce is dependent on water. This includes agriculture, fishing, energy and transport. When the water resources dry up, livelihoods are too affected. It is reported that when a water resource dries up extreme situations develop that can lead to forced migration. Our government is blissfully ignorant of the importance of water and Mr Modi the Prime Minister of India threatens to deprive Pakistan from every last drop of water. However our stalwart government completely lacks understanding the vital importance of water. So much so that no prominent dams have been built to store water in the past 40 years while India has built 4000 dams. When will we wake up from slumber? This alone is sufficient for declaring our government as inept or criminally negligent during this time. When will the importance of water in the national economy sink in the minds of our planners that are gloating over the massive road projects and power plants with the Chinese? India does not need to start a war with Pakistan but need only deprive Pakistan of its water share. This would be catastrophic and must be drawn to the attention of the state before it’s too late.


Lahore, March 10.