Air India had to face a loss worth billions due to suspension of Pakistan’s airspace. 

According to details, Air India had to face a loss of six billion rupees since March 16 due to closure of Pakistan’s airspace.

The flights have to travel via Gujrat and Arabian Sea to reach Europe and America. This has been the main reason of the loss of Air India. Not only that, Air Indiaflights have to land at Sharjah and Vienna for refueling.

India’s distance with Western countries have increased by four more hours due to suspension of Pakistan’s airspace. This has caused difficulty to passengers as well.

Moreover, Indian media reports said that two international airplanes had narrowly avoided a crash last week in Mumbai’s airspace.

Pakistan's airspace was closed on Feb 26 and Feb 27 and flight operations were suspended in the country, due to escalation of tensions with neighboring India.

Two warplanes of India were downed by Pakistan Air Force after their intrusion in the country's airspace. All domestic and international flights were suspended at the airports of the country. 

Indian media had also reported suspension of flights in Occupied Kashmir and India's Punjab having border with Pakistan.