The ratio of deforestation is quite higher than plantation in our country, which is food for thought. There was a time when there were plants planted inside and outside residential houses, especially in Karachi, and there were some areas where old trees were planted, but such old trees were cut owing to few reasons like carpeting of new roads or some other construction projects like the building of bridges or under passes.

If there was need to cut such old trees coming in the way of construction, new plants should have been planted so that greenery would remain intact in the city, but this was not the case. These days, most areas of Karachi are deprived of old trees and new or old plants inside and outside houses. Plants are good for human health, as plants absorbs carbon dioxide and excrete oxygen, while human being does vice versa; ultimately, plants keep human being healthy.

Concerned authorities should make sure that if any old tree is cut owing to any reason anywhere in the country, an alternate plant should be planted. Moreover, awareness campaigns should be initiated across the country about the advantages of plantation and disadvantages of deforestation. A greater emphasis should be given to planting more and more trees, and avoiding the cutting of old plants and trees.


Karachi, March 6.