MIRPURKHAS - The 26th death anniversary of former prime minister of Pakistan Muhammad Khan Junejo was observed at Sindhri here on Monday. Report said that hundreds of people arrived at the shrine of late Muhammad Khan Junejo in village Khan Sahab Din Muhammad to pay homage and perform Fateha Khawani.

Senator of PML-N Asad Ali Khan Junejo, son of late Muhammad Khan Junejo, along with his party colleagues, relatives, friends, and locals participated in Quran Khawani and Fateha Khawani.

He along with party workers and friends laid flower wreaths on the grave of late Muhammad Khan Junejo and offered Fateha. Special prayers were also held on the occasion. In ladies, daughters of late Muhammad Khan Junejo including Fiza Junejo, Dr Sughra Junejo, relatives and other family women participated in Quran Khawani.

Later, langar was distributed to the poor.