ISLAMABAD - The PTI government’s allies – MQM-P and BNP (Mengal) - will separately express their reservations with the government as their demands raised far before are not being implemented. The delegations of both the coalition partners are planning to meet bigwigs of the ruling PTI for the early implementation of their demands.

Background discussions with the members of coalition partners revealed that they had expressed their reservations over non-implementation of their demands.

Though the government side has facilitated members of its allied partners by awarding recently formed chairmanships of parliamentary bodies, yet both the allies are still unsatisfied.

Talking to The Nation, MQM-P’s senior lawmaker Aminul Haq said their relations with the PTI are fine. “We have recently got chairmanship of one standing committee,” said the MQM-P MNA, mentioning that many of sealed political offices of MQM-P in Sindh have been opened. “Over fifteen missing members of MQM-P have also been recovered, which is a good sign for any political party,” he said. Sources in MQM-P said that they were also interested to get one more federal ministry.

The senior members had expressed the desire to get one more federal ministry in a couple of months before, they said.

MQM-P a couple of month before had also threatened the ruling party to give them chairmanship of one National Assembly Standing Committee as otherwise they would not become part of any National Assembly standing committee, if the grievances were not addressed.

They were also unhappy for not accommodating their party members from national assembly in the standing committees of their own choices. Likewise, the BNP-Mengal wants government to start implementing the six-point demand.

BNP-Mengal is the only coalition partner which had not demanded any ministry from the PTI government.  The six points of a political party from Balochistan are related to recovery of missing persons, economic and social progress and prosperity, welfare of the people of Balochistan, elimination of corruption and ensuring transparency.

BNP-Mengal chief Sardar Akhtar Mengal, in and outside the parliament, have also asked government to start implementing six-point demand, as over six months have passed.

“We want implementation of our demand as soon as possible, as this is the only demand,” he had mentioned on the floor of the national assembly, in his speech.

BNP-Mengal had expressed reservations with the government for not taking them into confidence on different matters related to Balochistan.